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Green Building



Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston is developing six new units of housing in three buildings on a 17,000 square foot parcel of land in Roslindale. The buildings will be three stories high made up of two townhouse-style units measuring approximately 1400 square feet. Each unit will have a kitchen, bathroom and living room-dining area on the first floor, two bedrooms and a full bath on the second floor and a final bedroom on the third floor.

Located between Bradeen and Fawndale (two short streets off Washington Street), the property is in a working class neighborhood less than a mile from the Forest Hills MBTA station.

Woodbine Street


Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston is constructing a 3-story duplex on Woodbine Street in Roxbury. Each unit will be approximately 1300 square feet and will have 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and living room. This property is located on Woodbine Street, which runs between Warren Street and Blue Hill Avenue.

Balina Place


Construction has begun on Habitat Greater Boston’s newest location, a 3-story duplex on a 4,907 square foot parcel of land on Balina Place in Dorchester.

The first unit will have 3 bedrooms at approximately 1,300 square feet, and the second unit will have 4 bedrooms measuring 1,450 square feet. Each unit will include 1.5 bathrooms, a kitchen, and living room-dining area.

Balina Place is located off of Norfolk Street in Dorchester Center and is only a short walk (less than a mile) from Habitat Greater Boston’s recently completed Dorchester Terrace condominiums.